LETTER: The flip side of the Connors Road controversy

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February 11th, 2015

Dear Editor.

Some thoughts on the Connors Road Bike trail connector….. I commend the city council for completing this project.

I read the newspaper concerning the presentation to council from some of the “affected” residents of Connor’s  Road, and it seemed to contain a lot more heat than light.

To the people who suggested the bike trail is dangerous, I’d challenge them to ride a bike along the main drag from Canadian Tire to Safeway. It’s been a great relief to have a quiet, pleasant (and a lot safer!) by-pass constructed for that section.

Thanks again and please don’t dig it up!! Also those of us who cycle to the airport or the college can’t wait for you to do a connector up from the highway …  and please fix the section on the west side of the Kinnaird Bridge, heading west … where you have to hoist your bike across the concrete bollard.

Regards and Thanks,

Chris Cowan  (South Castlegar resident who now has a safe bike route)

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