a man' personal hell has some light

By SeanBateman
November 27th, 2014

Everyone knew about a Trail resident that got ran over by a vehicle back in May. He had successful surgery to his left hip and now has a metal plate bolted on his hip to keep the ball socket in place and had a broken leg. Unlike Carol Enns, this person did not have aid by the community and all he got is a few people behind him for moral support. Also, he stayed in the hosptial for a little over a month, from May 28th to July 4th, and spent the entire summer rehabbing at home because of this. Currently, he is almost done going to physiotherapy and is going through legal action against the driver and the company he works for. 


How do I know this? The person who got ran over was me. Some people heard this through people that heard from my family. It wasn’t fair that I missed the entire summer rehabbing, while everyone was going out having fun. Everyone knows about what I have done within Rossland, from my years of volunteering (and didn’t get a thank you for most of it), before moving to Trail in March.


If people shown the same level of kindness and support to me like they shown Carol, I’d be a whole lot happier and know that I matter to them. When my time in court comes around in the near future, I would like to have support from my friends, family and former volunteer colleagues there as moral support and show that I really matter as a friend and as a family member to them.

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