Outhouse Races ready to roll

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August 22nd, 2014

If you want Rosslander Mike Williams, he’s likely on the can. The chainsaw carver is busy building a fourth outhouse rickshaw to roll out next month in the Golden City Days’ Outhouse Races held Sept. 6.

His team of retired firefighters intend to wipe out the competition and are calling on the Rossland Fire Department for a rematch after their controversial win last year.

“I think it’s something that everyone in town can look forward to either participating in or watching,” he said. “I think it can eventually become a highlight of Golden City Days.”

It takes a team of five to race, one sitting on the toilet and four pushing and pulling the cart to the finish line. Racing against the clock, each team does the course twice and the winner is selected based on the best combined time of the two runs.

Teams roll the rickshaw down the course 100 feet where they stop and do a fire drill, three laps around the outhouse ending with swapped positions, before continuing another 100 feet. At that point, participants ditch their rides with a roll of toilet paper in hand and hustle the rest of the way to set the roll on a plunger 30 feet further at the finish line.

“It’s just so much fun doing it and it’s not expensive to do,” added Williams. “I put it together with all recycled materials so it doesn’t cost a lot to build an outhouse or it doesn’t have to.”

That’s the message he’s hoping residents will hear loud and clear as he hypes up the event in hopes that more people will join in on his enthusiasm. Those looking to step up to the challenge are encouraged to contact Williams for details on building their very own vessel.

Participants are encouraged to come in costume and decorate their outhouse to match their team’s theme. Williams is hoping that a little rivalry will build and the event will follow the popularity of Winter Carnival’s bobsled races. He can be reached at mikescarvings@hotmail.comor 250-362-5244 for further information.


Golden City Days Outhouse Races
September 6, 2014


* Outhouse must be human-powered. No electric, solar, or gas-powered assistance. Outhouse must have four walls, roof, doorway, wiping material, and a toilet seat with at least one hole. It may have a door, but door must remain securely open during the race.
* Outhouse must be a minimum of nine square feet at the base, and a maximum overall width not to exceed six feet (including grasping or pushing devices). A minimum height of five feet from the floor to the highest point of the roof is required.
* Any number and size of wheels may be used. 
* Any device for pushing or pulling the outhouse may be used, except ropes. All pushing or pulling devices must be solidly secured. 
* Outhouses may be built from any material, except glass, and must be structurally sound.
* Each entry must have an Outhouse name which is to be displayed on each side of the structure. Sponsors’ names may be displayed anywhere on the outside walls. 
* The team must consist of five (5) people; one person must ride inside.
* There will be three age divisions. 
Division 1:  Seniors – 250 years, combined ages
Division 2:  Adults – 120 – 249 years, combined ages
Division 3:  Juniors – under 120 years, combined ages (minimum age 12 years old)
* Team is to dress in costume to reflect the theme of their entry.
* Team check-in: 
* Adequate safety attire required for all members. 
* There is no weight limit. 
* Handles are required for Outhouse riders.
* There will be a mandatory pit stop at mid-race for a fire drill. Each team member must run around the Outhouse three times and the rider must switch places with one of the pushers. Each team member will be required to place a color-coded roll of toilet paper on a color-coded plunger in order of color scheme provided at race time. The race will be timed from start to finish; the objective being to achieve the lowest overall time. 
For information, phone Mike Williams at 250-362-5244, or email mikescarvings@hotmail.com

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