LETTER: SD 20 cancels recess--lacks 'stamina'

By Contributor
May 13th, 2014

It didn’t take long for School District 20 administrators to convince the Board to jump on the recess cancellation bandwagon this time around!

Our district did not cancel recess or shorten the secondary school day during a similar job action several years ago but it appears administrators do not have the stamina to do what teachers do every day, namely, do their regular jobs, and provide supervision.

It is also ironic that our district is canceling recess effective May 20th when SD#5 in the East Kootenays has just reinstated it.

Maybe its time for all of us to let Premier Clark know that our students need recess and better support; teachers need a contract and better working conditions; and, the public education system in our province needs increased funding.

Thank you for your continued support!

Respectfully submitted,

Andrew M. Davidoff
Kootenay Columbia Teachers’ Union

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