It's spring and time to get seedy...this Sunday!

Sara Golling
By Sara Golling
March 17th, 2014

It’ll be a Seedy Sunday in Rossland!  — March 23 at the Miners Union Hall, starting at 1pm.

You may think it’s early to think about gardening, with dirty snow still covering the ground, sleet falling, and robins looking bedraggled.  But keen gardeners have already started growing some seedlings inside — onions & petunias — and we’ll soon be planting tomato seeds  in little pots indoors too. 

Seedy Sunday at the Miners Hall begins with seed displays (for sale!) by local seed vendors,  and a seed swap by and for people who have saved seeds or who have more than they need of “store-bought” seeds and want to trade or donate.  Lots of garden talk will be exchanged, all for free!

Then there will be a free talk by Dan Jason, followed by a vegetable curry dinner for only $8, and “Growing Cities”, a movie, for only $5.

If you garden — be there!  If you’re only just thinking of maybe starting a bit of gardening — be there!   It’ll be fun.

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