RCMP save diabetic dog in the nick of time

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March 6th, 2014

Chester, B.C. – A missing 11-year-old tiny Pomeranian dog was already going into diabetic shock when two RCMP constables with Deas Island Traffic Services rescued him from suspicious circumstances, and returned him to his family just in time.

“Truly a miracle,” says Pam*, the delighted owner of the dog. “The odds were so stacked against this happy ending, had it not been for their diligence and excellent police work.”

Chester’s odyssey started Feb. 11, when Constables Michelle Larson and Frank Bryson were on a coffee break in South Delta. While on their break they “street checked” a woman who appeared out of place, and who had a small dog with her. There had been recent break-and-enters in the area, which had raised police concerns with suspicious foot traffic.

On Feb. 14, Constable Bryson happened to see a lost dog poster in South Delta, minutes after a family member posted it. He was with Cst. Larsen and they recognized the dog in the photos as being the same dog they had seen Tuesday afternoon. The dog had escaped from Pam’s yard when he was accidentally left out, and from there disappeared.

When Cst. Larsen contacted the number on the poster, Pam had just resigned herself to the idea that she would likely never see her dog again.

Informed that time was running out for Chester, Cst. Larsen and Cst. Bryson took a number of investigative steps and queries, working with Delta Police, and by 11:30 p.m., they had Chester safely in police custody, and then back to his family.

“Our family feels Constables Larsen and Bryson did something akin to finding a needle in a haystack,” says Pam. “On this occasion, it was a little dog… Another time it could just as easily be a missing child. It’s a real comfort knowing our community is policed by people like this.”

*Pam’s last name is not being used at her request, to protect her privacy.

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