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Shara JJ Cooper
By Shara JJ Cooper
February 26th, 2014

Greenwood has placed third again the municipal water category at the 24th annual Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting.

The best tap water in the world came from Clearbrook, British Columbia. It’s their third time winning in that category. Santa Ann, California won second and Greenwood came in third.

All but one of the top six winners had placed at the competition before. Even though the results are similar each year, it isn’t for a lack of entrants. There were over 100 entrants, mostly from the United States and Canada, but 12 were international.

“The consistency in winners from year to year with different panels of judges validates the choices,” remarked perennial watermaster, Arthur von Wiesenberger.  “It also speaks to the impressively high caliber of the waters entered.”

This is the first year the contest has had an entry from Tanzania. Event founder Jeanne Mozier said this made it the first year that all five continents have been represented in the contest.

The entries are judged by smell, visual clarity and taste – much like a wine – tasting. After the judges are done, the crowd is allowed to take home the remaining water samples, which is sometimes called a “water rush.”

“I spent about six hours arranging all the waters in a display,” said Mozier.

“The crowd spent less than ten minutes making it all disappear.  It’s like a Tibetan sand mandala,” she laughed.  “I was pleased to see our favorite couple from Brooklyn in the rush.  Peter and Cynthia Lloyd come every year especially for the water tasting – and the rush.”  


Best Municipal Water 2014

  • Best in the World – Clearbrook, BC, Canada
  • Best in USA – Santa Ana, CA  
  • 2nd  – Hamilton, OH
  • 3rd – Greenwood, BC, Canada  
  • 4th (tie)– Dickinson, ND   &  Montpelier, OH
  • 5th – Emporia, KS 


Best Bottled Water  2014

  • 1st –  Castle Rock Water, Dunsmuir, CA
  • 2nd – Eldorado Natural Spring Water, Eldorado, CO  
  • Samaria Natural Springs Water, Crete, Greece
  • 3rd – Mountain Drop from Linthicum, MD bottling Berkeley Springs water.
  • 4th –  Avita Premium Artesian Alkaline Water, Roscommon, MI
  • Element , Vrnjacka Banja, Serbia

Best Sparkling – 2014

  • 1st – Canadian Gold Sparkling Mineral Water, Marchand, MB
  • 2nd. Jackson Springs Natural Premium Spring Water, MB
  • 3rd – Antipodes, Whakatane, New Zealand
  • 4th – Tesanjski Dijament, Tesanj, Bosnia    

Best Packaging – 2014

  • 1st – Hallasu, Republic of Korea
  • 2nd – Bama Tianshou Spring, Bama, China
  • 3rd – Waiakea, Kea’au Aquifer, HI
  • 4th – Cerebellum H2O, Hoboken, NJ
  • 5th – Marvelus Sparkling Mineral Water, Ocala, FL

Best Purified Drinking Water – 2014

  • 1st – Mountain Drop from Linthicum, MD bottling Berkeley Springs water.
  • 2nd – Indigo H2O, Elkhart, IN  
  • Bar H2O, Richmond, MI
  • 3rd — Berkeley Springs Purified Water – Berkeley Springs, WV 
  • January Sales, Barnston QE, Canada.
  • 4th — Rain Fresh Oxygen-Rich Purified Water – Garland, TX

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