Got video? You may find yourself suddenly popular...consider submitting to the Rossland Mountain Film Festival 2013!

Tyler Austin Bradley
By Tyler Austin Bradley
September 16th, 2013

The Teck Rossland Mountain Film Festival is set to celebrate its fourteenth year of existence this November, as the annual festival runs from Wednesday the 13th to Sunday the 17th in R-Town, Rossland BC, home to Red Mountain Resort and The Seven Summits.

Currently, the RMFF board is actively seeking entries from filmmakers big, small, medium-sized, or as yet completely undiscovered; If you are a filmmaker or know of a filmmaker who has been flying under the radar, we would love to receive those films for possible inclusion in the festival.

With equal billing given to ski, snowboard, mountain-biking, kayaking, climbing and other adrenalin-secreting pursuits, the festival is also keen on films of an environmental nature, films that feature a distinct narrative arc (we like stories!), as well as those that celebrate wilderness, arts and culture relating to mountain-life, and so on…

Fly-fishing? You betcha. Send it in.

Aggressive unicycling? Ten-four, one-wheeler; fire it our way.

Home-made wing-suit documentary? If it doesn’t wind up a snuff-film, we’re interested!

A longstanding Kootenay tradition, the Teck-sponsored Rossland Mountain Film Fest is committed to presenting the latest, greatest, big budget flicks alongside homegrown, roots-based, independent films. Short films, feature lengths, all submissions will be considered, one of the best aspects of the submissions process being FREE ENTRY; Unlike exclusive marquis festivals, the RMFF does not charge filmmakers a submissions fee. We would sooner you diverted your hard earned cash towards lift-tickets and beer, the same as our mountain-loving folk here in town!

For more information on the festival o/a how to submit a film, please visit our website.

*Please note- Entries/submissions must be received by October 1st!*
Hope to see your celluloid, digital, or BETA cam entries soon! On DVD. And USB drive. Cuz that’s the deal. Seriously, check the site out.for all the straight goods. For more information, contact our volunteer films coordinator at rmffsubmissions@gmail.com







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