This winter’s forecast calls for ‘grey’ skies

Arlen MacLaine
By Arlen MacLaine
September 5th, 2013

With the kids going back to school and summer coming to an end, one can’t help but look ahead to upcoming winter ski season. The hills around Rossland have been alive with activity this summer as crews at Red Mountain Resort have been working feverishly to get the new Grey Mountain chairlift installed on schedule.  So far so good, and there is plenty to be excited about.

Red Mountain’s website has updated their trail maps, including all of the new runs that have been cut on Grey Mountain.  With names like ‘Free Fallin’, ‘Get Up Stand Up’, and ‘Long May You Run’, it is easy to see an underlying theme.  

“We wanted to something with a bit of humour and fun in it,” said Howard Katkov, President and CEO of Red Mountain Resort.  There is also a more serious side to the naming of some runs. ‘Cory’s Run’ honors Cory McOrmond, a young snowboard instructor with Red Mountain, who tragically lost his life a year ago.  “He was one of the most genuine, passionate instructors we’ve ever had at Red,” said Katkov.

There will also be a new food establishment at the base of the Grey lift, called ‘Wiener Take All’.  The story there will be beer and brats–and food for kids as well.  This way, on a powder day, you won’t have to make that tough decision whether or not to head to the base area and leave the freshies in order to fill your gullet or quench your thirst.  The establishment will see use in the summer months as well.

As for the lift itself, there has been some speculation as to what the Grey lift might be named.  Well, speculate no further!  The new lift will be named ‘The Grey Mountain Chair Lift’.

“We looked at other possible names, but we figured whatever we decided to call it, people will still refer to it as the Grey Lift,” Katkov said.  

The new lift provides the resort with the intermediate runs it so desires, while the north side of Grey looks to provide more of the gnarly advanced, terrain people have come to expect from a day at Red Mountain Resort.  There will be something for everyone this season at Red, and a lot of Rosslanders are wishing we could push the hands of the clock ahead just a tad.  

“The Red Mountain team has done a phenomenal job in the last few years, getting this project up and running,” said Katkov.  “The installation by Summit Lifts has gone as smoothly as possible so far, and we are excited and on schedule to have it ready to go for opening day.”

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