Boaters fall asleep in canoe, unaware they're drifting toward rapids

Castlegar Source
By Castlegar Source
July 29th, 2013

On July 28, Nelson police were once again called upon to carry out a marine rescue on Kootenay Lake. NPD received a call early Sunday morning regarding a canoe floating just past the Orange Bridge. It did not appear that anyone was in the canoe, but a NPD dispatch officer, who had just arrived at work, reported he had seen two people sleeping in a canoe by the boat launch, on his way to work.

NPD Marine 1 was activated and the canoe was checked in the middle of the lake. There were two people sleeping in the canoe who were completely unaware that they had drifted out and were being carried down the lake towards the narrows by the current. The canoe was towed back to the Rotary Dock by NPD Marine 1.

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