LETTER: Proposed new K-12 school 'something remarkable'

By Contributor
June 15th, 2013

Dear Editor,


The Neighbourhoods of Learning Committee is on the cusp of creating something remarkable in Rossland, Grade K-12 education for the 2013/14 school year.


As a community we have adamantly expressed a demand for what the NOL has now actually produced, this is an exciting time.


The new Independent School will be partially Government funded.  There is an extra tuition fee of $1000 ($100/month) to attend this school.  However the intention of NOL is that this venture is in no way exclusive.  This fee will be waived to students with financial need.


This education will be provided in the Old Firehall or at the Red Mountain Conference Centre (as a temporary measure).  The School will offer a full grade 8-12 curriculum in an highly supportive and professional learning environment.  It will be a place where full potential will be realized.


The Red Mountain Academy has committed to enrolling its 9 international students in this new school.  However, the Red Mountain Academy needs to be assured that this School is confirmed by June 25.  The enrolment of the Red Mountain Academy students into this new school can make this a financially viable venture for NOL.  To move forward this school needs a minimum of 33 grade 8-12 students enrolled by June 25.  This school is open to any grade 8-12 BC student.


Rossland can make this happen (now) if the Red Mountain Academy contribution aligns with the expressed community interest.  This is a call to action.  The NOL is presenting us with an opportunity to create a community asset with an enormous potential to enhance Rossland’s strength and spirit.  Let’s make this happen!


Contact Aerin Guy of the NOL for more information aeringuy@gmail.com


Mark Impey

Chair-Red Mountain Academy

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