The Rossland Broadband Task Force wants your input! How can you say no?

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May 22nd, 2013

Rossland Broadband Task Force


Hello from the Rossland Broadband Task Force

Rossland City Council is considering a partnership with the Columbia Basin Broadband Corporation (CBBC), a division of Columbia Basin Trust, to bring an extension of CBBC’s “open access network” to Rossland.  The Mayor of Rossland has created a task force to investigate in detail the benefits and risks of such an endeavour. 

The CBBC network will be an open access network mandated to meet the needs of Basin businesses. The network will offer increasing numbers of business applications and services based on local demand and supply.

Benefits of the Rossland Broadband project would include:

  • Synchronous (up and down) speeds of up to 100mbps (or, in other words, about 20x faster than current download speeds achievable in Rossland, and about 100x faster than our current upload speeds).
  • Better, more reliable connectivity to transfer data files and to use with POS systems and other communications such as internet telephone, video conferencing and webinars
  • Better access to increased online and data security
  • Keeping Rossland competitive and our economy on the same playing field with larger centres
  • Increase to the municipal tax base by attracting businesses who prioritize broadband and communications in relocation decisions 
  • Increased efficiency and reduced operational costs for the City of Rossland


These are just a few examples from the Rossland Broadband business case.  For more, please visit the Rossland Broadband website: www.rosslandbroadband.com.


In the current phase of the project being considered, City Hall, municipal buildings, and Rossland’s downtown core (Columbia Ave. between St. Paul and Spokane, and Washington St. adjacent to Sourdough Alley.) would be connected to the network.  All businesses and residences within this build-out plan would be offered the opportunity to access the network.


In an effort to measure the interest and eventual buy-in capacity of businesses and residents within access range of this current build map, we, the task force, would much appreciate your answers to the following quick three-question survey:



Thank you!  Your response to these questions plus any other relevant comments you have will greatly assist us and Rossland City Council in exploring the viability of this proposed project.   .  



The Rossland Broadband Task Force


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