2012 was the best year ever for tourism in the Mountain Kingdom!

By Contributor
March 11th, 2013

Tourism Rossland is delighted to announce that accommodation revenue for 2012 was the highest yet recorded!  In 2012 total Rossland accommodation revenue based on the Additional Hotel Room Tax was $2,947,101 up from $1,914,703 in 2006 when we first began to track it, which  represents a 54% increase over 7 years. 

Additionally 2012 was over $255,000 higher than the next closest year which was in 2008. 

With excellent snow conditions, great events, conferences and a growing awareness in Rossland as a destination, Rossland is expecting an equally strong 2013. 

Tourism Rossland is Rossland’s Destination Marketing Organisation whose mission is to work in a fair and unbiased manner to grow Rossland’s year round tourism economy within the context of the community’s vision and values. This article is a press release from Tourism Rossland.

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