VOTE "NO" on the MEC board's resolution!

Sara Golling
By Sara Golling
March 1st, 2013

It’s election time for MEC.  Please vote!  And, please vote NO on the MEC board’s proposed special resolution, which is presented as a Rules “modernisation”.  And, like any omnibus resolution, it contains some stuff we don’t want.  Or shouldn’t want. 

This resolution would result in the board having most of the power over which candidates are elected to the board — would place it just a small degree short of having the board choose its own successors.  Not a good idea — and anti-democratic.

It would also make it virtually impossible for any MEC member to propose resolutions — keeping that power for the board alone.  It would require a member to get the support of FIVE HUNDRED members for a resolution. 

I would like the board to hear a strong message from MEC members that we, as members, don’t want to give up so much of our “member power” to the board.  They can bring an improved version forward next year if this one fails.

I am one of MEC’s founding members, and served on the MEC board for 15 years after 1990.

Please VOTE — NO to resolution#1.  And do vote for candidates too … I’m voting for Margie Parikh, Ellen Pekeles, and Judy Martin. 

Sara Golling

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