Thieves in town...

Tyler Austin Bradley
By Tyler Austin Bradley
September 13th, 2012

Just a reminder, there are thieves among us here in the Golden City; Last night my van was entered (I don’t say “broken into” because I haven’t been in the habit of locking it up) and several items were stolen from the front console.

The only item of any real value was an industrial Petzl headlamp that I use at work; see attached photo. These headlamps are not normally sold in ski shops, rather, they are available only through safety supply stores. If your child/crackhead renter/kleptomaniac grandparent has a brand new one of these, ask some questions.

The only moral of this story? As is the norm, property crime goes up in town as the weather cools off; Lock your stuff up or it may become someone else’s.

And I would expect that the thief that scooped my headlamp will be more active now, what with being multi-lumen assisted in the dead of night.

I can be anonymously contacted via the ‘Telegraph if anyone does feel like giving it back.

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