UPGRADE UPDATE: Service tie-ins and sidewalk removal

Jody Blomme
By Jody Blomme
August 8th, 2012

This week’s priority task on Columbia Ave is the tying in of services (water/sewer/storm) to the buildings on the north side of Columbia Ave.  After services tie-ins are complete, sidewalk in front of the building(s) can be fully removed.  On Washington St., the water main installation is a priority followed by next week’s installation of sewer and storm mains.  Spokane will eventually see the storm line run from Columbia north up to the laneway near the daycare. 

Sidewalk removal will occur as the service tie-ins to the north-side buildings are completed.  In some places where there are no buildings, only empty lots, there can be removal along the whole stretch of the lot’s frontage.  Crews will do their best to schedule sidewalk removal outside of business hours.  Citizens can expect all sidewalks to be removed over the next three weeks.      

As sidewalk removal is completed, crews will eventually re-direct traffic flow to the middle of the boulevard.  This will free up space for the eventual curb, after which asphalt road surfacing is scheduled, tentatively in early September.  Pouring of concrete sidewalks should also occur in September. 

Strata cell installation for new trees can be seen along the south side.  The same feature is scheduled to appear shortly on the north side following the installation of all service connections (water/sewer/storm) to the north side buildings.  Strata cells, combined with the placement of quality soil and an irrigation system, help to ensure healthy, rapid tree growth while directing roots away from the sidewalk surface.  Strata cells also have a heavy weight bearing capacity and are designed to convey other shallow utility conduits. 

Trees are now scheduled to be planted in mid-September.

Mayor Granstrom will be holding weekly office hours, welcoming drop-in visits to him at Rossland City Hall from 10:30-11:30 every Monday.

Please contact us at columbiaproject@rossland.ca with your comments, concerns, ideas, or questions.  The telephone number for technical questions and concerns is 250-362-2328.

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