In go the storm lines, out go the sidewalks

Jody Blomme
By Jody Blomme
July 25th, 2012

The sewer, water and storm main lines are completed on Columbia Ave. Now water, sewer and storm lines will be tied to the businesses, under the existing sidewalk, along the north side of Columbia. This will be completed as sidewalk removal is done. The sidewalk removal will start at St. Paul and move west.

Sidewalk removal will also continue along the south side of Columbia. As there are no service connections on this side of Columbia Ave, it can proceed as soon as two travel lanes are restored down the center of Columbia.

It is expected that sidewalk removal will be underway by next week.

Currently, the roadway sub-base is being developed on the north side of Columbia Ave.  The sub-base material is designed to MoT standards to ensure the integrity of the finished surface.  This process will shift to the south side once the sub-base is established on the north side.  The process is staged to maintain two lanes of traffic.

Fortis will complete the gas main update in the next few days. The goal is to lower the depth of the gas main under Columbia Ave., and bring the line up to new standards.

The Washington intersection will remain closed for 2-3 weeks. A storm line will be installed in the alley between Subway and Ferraro’s, crossing Columbia Ave. and running up Washington St.   Water and sewer mains are yet to be installed up Washington St.

St. Paul, Queen St. and Spokane St. intersections will be open but with possible minor interruptions. Parking in the newly established lots behind Rossland Hardware and the Post Office will continue to be accessed off 1st Ave. Pedestrian traffic will continue to be available via Sourdough Alley from Spokane, to the Post Office and on to behind the Sunshine Cafe.

Additional signage has been added at each entrance to downtown. “Rossland is Open for Business” and additional parking directions are in place to alert the travelling public to parking opportunities.

“The Mayor is In”: Mayor Granstrom will be holding weekly office hours, welcoming drop-in visits to him at Rossland City Hall from 10:30-11:30 every Monday.

The Columbia Project Communication Task Force has been and will be meeting each Monday throughout the course of the downtown project. It is important to note that updates from the Task Force are the best estimates of work schedules and progress as of each Monday morning. Please be aware that changes may occur and updates will continue in a timely manner.

Please contact us at columbiaproject@rossland.ca with your comments, concerns, ideas, or questions.  The phone number for technical questions and concerns is 250-362-2328. 


~Your Columbia Project Communication Task Force

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