Bike Swaps, Bike Shuttles and Pizza - what a great Saturday!

By Bettygohard
April 29th, 2012


Wow yesterday was busy in Trail.It was all about the bikes; there was the free bike safety clinic for the kids plus a car seat clinic and bouncy castles.The local bike store Gericks just down the road was having their annual bike swap;they had a ton of second hand bikes from kids to adults, vintage to almost new, road to mountain biking and everything in between.Plus if you were looking for a new bike they had some nice deals inside, I can’t give you specifics though as I was not willing to be tempted.There were some pretty fancy bikes being wheeled out and I imagine they were buying new batteries for their calculators this morning.On that note my bike didn’t sell, anyone looking for a good dirt jumper only $200.The Red Mountain Racers had their annual bike swap also, I was headed up there however I got waylaid by the Specialized Demo tent and had to take a Specialized Status for a ride.

Thank you to all the organizers for creating opportunities for the community to buy and sell bikes.It was great to see so many people out buying bikes, old and new alike.Some were buying their first, others were upgrading, or just getting another to add to the quiver.You can never have too many bikes and there are so many different types!Every time I get back on my bike I am overwhelmed by how much fun something so simple can be.The confidence it gives me, the thrill and constant adrenaline and challenge is unmatched in my world.I am starting to sound like the many bike fanatics but I do think that the bike was one of man’s greatest inventions.It is an activity that the young and old alike delight in.They are a mode of transport, they are an exercise machine and they are an endless supply of fun, adrenaline and life lessons.No wonder it is coming back to the mainstream in our society!

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The event was rounded out with the Rustic Pizza crew making sure everyone was feed plus Specialized were there with small selection of demo bikes and Sweetfield Shuttles were running free shuttles.It was a great opportunity to try out a new bike or just take your own bike for as many laps as you could do.They had the Status and the Enduro available for demo.I took the Status out and had a great time, unfortunately I did not get the opportunity to try the Enduro but hopefully another time.Stay tuned for my review of the Status on www.BettyGoHard.com.

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