LETTER FROM JOE HILL: Gifford goes out with a bang and the series lives on!

Michael Gifford
By Michael Gifford
April 2nd, 2012

As many people know, my time of management for the Joe Hill Coffeehouse series is nearing its end. My first show was September, 2008, and my final show will be May, 2012, show #35. I wanted to make my final May show “something special”, but the timing of the performers involved required that we make it the April 15 show instead.

The April show will follow the basic format of all the other JHC shows – $3 admission, intimate stage, volunteer helpers–but there will also be changes. I have invited many of my performer friends to contribute to the evening’s lineup. Donations and the door proceeds will go to the performers, who are mostly from Nelson. Their CDs will be for sale. The sets will be fewer but longer. There will be a dance area up front, and people will be encouraged to use it. Slava Doval will also sharing her dancing skills for several of the tunes. The two opening acts will be shorter than those of the two guest bands.

In order of appearance, the lineup will be

  1. “Licorice Corn” – old swing and pop favorites, featuring Nicola Everton – clarinet (licorice stick) and Michael Gifford – guitar, ukulele, vocals and corn.
  2. Craig Korth, Julie Kerr & the Occasional Offspring” – Craig is a monster banjo/guitarist, Julie (his wife) a great country/bluegrass singer, and their two daughters, Ella & Amy, play banjo & fiddle. A family band!
  3. “Heavy Shtetl” with dancer, Slava Doval. HS is Catherine McGrath – accordion, mandolin, vocals; Anneke Rosch – trombone, trumpet, vocals; Nicola Everton – clarinet; Michael Gifford – tuba….. Klezmer (Jewish), and tunes sung in Yiddish, Russian, French, German, maybe even English!
  4. “Cattle Annie & The Crooked Corral” – western swing, old-timey, bluegrass and classic country. Members are Anneke (Cattle Annie) Rosch – accordion, vocals; Catherine (Cactus Kate) McGrath – mandolin, vocals; Genie (Gin Jeanie) Sittig – fiddle; Craig (Ranger Craig) Korth – banjo, guitar, vocals; Michael (Gut Bucket Giff) Gifford – string bass, washtub bass, vocals.

We are all very excited to perform for you at the Joe Hill Coffeehouse. We hope you tell your friends to come to this unique concert of eclectic music and deep talent.  And for only $3 (still free for students and children)! What a deal!

Hurray! JHC now has a team of four leaders who will be taking over the JHC series as a group, starting with the June 17, 2012 show, and carrying on into the September show starting the season #5 series. More on that later. First we have to tighten up details and approach the RCAC, the sponsor for the JHC series.

I just finished making the poster for the concert. In the scanning process, the right side got clipped a tad, but you get the idea.

As always, later and thanks, Michael

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