EDITORIAL: A convivial approach to campaigning...the Telegraph's 'beers and ballots' event

Rossland Telegraph
By Rossland Telegraph
November 14th, 2011

This coming Thursday evening, at 7pm the Rossland Telegraph will be hosting an informal discussion with the candidates at the Red Room lounge in the Prestige. Pithily named ‘beers and ballots’, the goal is to allow ordinary folks to sit down with other ordinary folks (your candidates) for a pleasant chat about local issues, moderated by still more orrdinary folks (us).

Here at the Telegraph, as we endlessly say, we’re big believers in the idea of democracy as an on-going conversation. We’re all very privileged to live in a community where sitting down for a beer with our elected candidates is a very doable thing–and an opportunity we should all take advantage of as residents of Rossland, citizens of Canada and denizens of the Mountain Kingdom.

While we’re looking forward to the Chamber-sponsored debate on Tuesday evening, we felt there was also room for something a little more informal and–we hope–fun.

The idea is for candidates and voters to show up around 7pm for a drink and then to enter into an informal, probably woefully-understructured discussion at around 7:30. The Red Room will have a pitcher special on in honour of the candidates. Please note that you don’t have to drink beer to attend! Citizens are welcome to imbibe (or not imbibe) anything they choose.

Hope to see you there.

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