Mallard's Source for Sports joins forces with stopconcussions.com to help prevent concussions in hockey

September 23rd, 2011

At their annual Marketing and Buying Convention, Source For Sports® and Stopconcussions.com launched their Head Zone initiative to their store owners, the sporting goods industry trade and the media.
“It is amazing how our helmet manufacturers including Bauer, Reebok, CCM, Easton and Cascade, the medical community, and the athletes who are willing to share their story, have come together to address this issue,” Dale Donaldson of Mallard’s Source for Sports said.

Donaldson owns and operates stores in Nelson and Castlegar.

“Our young players and their families are important to us, as is this issue,” he added.

The issue of concussions was addressed through several points of view from the diverse and experienced panel. 

Jim Thomson, self-admitted “enforcer” during his nine years in the NHL, called for an end to the violence, which begins with ruling against fighting.

 “I can say with certainty because I was an enforcer, that we must take the violence out of the greatest game in the world”. 

Former NHLer Dennis Maruk agreed, and noted that “players don’t seem to have the respect for others in the game anymore.”

“It is an invisible injury,” said Dr. Michelle Keightley, Clinical Neuropsychologist.  “Education is key for the management of concussions. 

“We need to bring awareness to the symptoms in order to diagnose and treat these injuries effectively.” 

Dr. Keightley stated that studies have shown that the effectiveness of mouth guards in concussion prevention are inconclusive.

“A helmet that fits properly is going to be an important prevention tool”.

Keith Primeau, former Philadelphia Flyers captain and founder of stopconcussions.com applauded the efforts of Source For Sports® stores across Canada.

Mallard’s Source for Sports, along with fellow stores across Canada will be hosting Helmet Fitting Week September 26th to October 2nd. 

All hockey players are encouraged to bring their helmet to their local Source For Sports® store, no matter where they purchased it, for inspection and fitting assessment in the Head Zone. 

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