Christy Clark stages a coup

Harvey Oberfeld
By Harvey Oberfeld
September 3rd, 2011

BC is in deep trouble: we now have a government that has no moral, no public and no legal legitimacy to govern. Christy Clark’s government was never elected by the people of this province, on the basis of any endorsed platform, program, promises or outlined plans for governing. 

And she herself–before taking the premier’s oath of office–even said so … several times.  

During the last provincial election held in this province, the people of  British Columbia, for better or worse, elected and endorsed a government under Gordon Campbell, complete with a party platform and a duly-nominated and elected slate of candidates. And when he later resigned in disgrace, and was replaced, his government died.

Christy Clark herself  has said that herself  many, many times: emphasizing that her government is not Campbell’s government; her cabinet is not Campbell’s cabinet; and, her policies are not Campbell’s policies.

That’s why she herselfhad also stated and always understood she and her government would need an early  province-wide public mandate to govern.

Clark was well aware that, in a by-election,  she had only been elected as an MLA for Point Grey… and she knew, even as a party leader,  that was hardly enough of a legitimate mandate to bring in all kinds of programs and legislation affecting the entire province, everyones’ lives, and the laws that govern us.

Clark can’t have it both ways:  she can’t say she, and her government, are totally nthot at of Gordon Campbell; yet insist she has the right to govern right through the end of Campbell’s term because they’re really covered by the one and the same mandate. 

Clark has no mandate  from the people of the province to govern as premier … and to even think she can hold on to power without a public vote right through to May 2013 is tant amount to staging a coup. 

 BC’s democratic system, historical traditions, and responsible government have been trampled by the decree of a dictator.  It must not be allowed to stand: as an “interim” premier, Clark should have at most one year to get her act together, before going to the public with a platform, a plan and her own slate of candidates to carry out that plan.

There MUST be an election before next summer.  Period!

 Until she receives a legitimate, elected public mandate, I will no longer refer to Clark under the title Premier on this blog.  And I hope others …including the media … follow suit.

Harv Oberfeld is a blogger and retired journalist. This column originally appeared in his blog, Keeping it Real. Reprinted with permission.

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