Rossland REAL Food: Harvest Season Means Harvest Rescue Time!

Rossland REAL Food - Rossland REAL Food
By Rossland REAL Food - Rossland REAL Food
August 30th, 2011

Harvest Season Means Harvest Rescue Time!

If you have unwanted fruit, this article is for you!

Fall is in the air, which is most noticeable in the evening when the sun goes down and it immediately cools off in our mountain paradise. Fall brings to mind the great harvest of the earth and that the time has come to pack away that harvest to get human and beast through the long winter. Ah beast you say and who is this beast that Rossland seems to have the most conflict with when it comes to the harvest of food all be it honey, eggs, apples or assorted vegetables??? Well it is our friend and sometimes foe the BEAR. We are both interested in packing away food for the long winter so this is where potential conflictsarise. There is only one way to eliminate the bear issue 99% (100% if you remember to keep it on and good working order), and that is an electric fence around your entire property – which if you need this I can connect you with someone that can install one. However, for now all those without electric fences will have issues with bears wanting to eat their fruit and veggies.

First a little history of the bear issue. The people that lived here before they closed the dump say there weren’t any bear issues because they were all at the dump!! I miss the dump!

The harvest is HERE and you have canned and frozen until your wits end but you still have more fruit and veggies than you can handle. Do you need help!? Rossland Harvest Rescue (RHR) can help! We have a list of knowledgeable volunteers that will come to your house and pick you unwanted fruits and veggies.

Maybe you don’t can or freeze you just like the fruit blossoms in the springand don’t want the fruit. Our trusted volunteers will take your fruit and if they can’t use it all they will pass it along to others who need the fruit.

Do you have unwanted rotten fruit lying around your yard? Your jonesing because you think the cities bylaw officer (we have one?) is going to cite you with the new animal attractant bylaw? The bylaw says “Every owner or occupier of real property shall ensure that fruit fallen from a tree or bush on such real property be remove from the ground of such real property al least every three days when fruit is on the ground of such real property.” For a small fee we will come take away your rotten fruit/veggies.

Whatever you case may be RHR can help you with those unwanted fruits and veggies!

RHR is always looking for the next volunteer of the year so drop us a line and get on the list. We are on facebook as Rossland Harvest Rescue. You can e-mail us at rosslandhavestrescue@gmail.com.
You can call David, Harvest Rescue Coordinator at threesixtwo ninefivefiveseven.

By David Klein,
Rossland Harvest Rescue Coordinator
Rossland REAL Food

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