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March 16th, 2011

 It’s a busy time of year for food growers and gardeners. Please see the below list for events that are taking place in March.

1. Indoor Edible Garden Tour (3rd tour of the series)
Saturday, March 19, 3pm
Location: Home of Ian and Libby Martin
To sign up please contact Jess: 362- 7308  $5
Lear about starting seeds indoors and how to move them into the green house and the garden. REAL Food’s garden tour visited Libby’s indoor garden in January. This tour will take us into her greenhouse as we continue to learn about seed selection and starting plants indoors. 
Please note that all garden tour summaries are available on our website and include photos and a summary of each tour: http://www.rosslandfood.com/Resources
 Attached is the summary of the February garden tour and also two handouts from Sarah: 1. Sarah’s simple seeds starting schedule2. Examples of a planting calendar

2. Sustainable Living Conversation Series (3rd conversation of the series)
Saturday, March 26, 3:30pm
Location: Cafe Books, Washington Street, Rossland
No registration required – FREE
The host for the next session will be Dr.Ralph Behrens. Ralph started his professional life as an agronomist, and he uses that knowlege to advantage in his highly productive home garden.  He can share information about soils, growing vegetables, and building rock walls and greenhouses. 

3. Online Almanac
REAL Food’s online almanac is a friendly reminder about when start your indoor fruit and veggie seeds. We know that it can be a challenge to remember what crops to start when, so we hope this will be useful. This list is very flexible and should only act as a reminder. 
To start indoors in March

  • Basil and parsley
  • Hot peppers and bell peppers
  • Eggplant
  • Cabbage
  • Tomatoes (if you have a green house start them now. If you don’t have a green house, you can start them later).
  • Early March (or in February): onions & leeks. Herbs: rosemary & thyme
  • Lettuce: you can start a few plants now if you have a cold frame or hoop houses outside to transplant them into in April.
  • Don’t forget to finish pruning your fruit trees!

4. Presentation: The Butchart Gardens – a Garden for All Seasons
April 12, 2011, 7:30 pm at Columbo Hall, cost: a donation to the Food Bank. 
Through the joint sponsorship of Communities in Bloom and the Columbo Lodge, Trail is welcoming the director of horticulture for the Butchart Gardens, Richard Los. Los’s presentation will begin with a 35-minute film entitled “The Butchart Gardens – a Garden for All Seasons”. He will be focusing on the story/history of the Butchart Gardens and the amazing reclamation project that it really is.  During the presentation, many details and secrets are revealed as to how the garden was created and what he and his staff do throughout the year to maintain this world famous garden attraction.  Following that, he will take Questions and give Answers for as long as those in attendance want! 

5. Earth Hour Pledge
Take the Earth Hour Pledge and help the Rossland Museum win a $5000 energy efficiency upgrade!  Just  take the pledge at this link: Pledge  

Happy seed starting and garden planing! Rossland REAL Food

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