NGSL race in Salmo: Tomorrow's ski stars...today

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February 12th, 2011

It was another fun weekend of racing for the Nancy Greene Skiers from Red Mountain Racers and other local clubs. Race 2 in the season found them in Salmo with great conditions, excellent course, and fine weather. Whitewater, as usual, had a very large team of enthusiastic racers. There were also teams from Summit Lake (Nakusp), Phoenix (Grand Forks), and the hometeam, Salmo.

Red Mountain Racers swept the E2 boys, with Noah Lunn taking gold. The boys were clearly thrilled with their result.

This Sunday takes the racers to Phoenix for the third leg of the series.


E2 Girls

  1. Haley Mitchell (Whitewater)

  2. Kaysa Panke (Red Mountain)

  3. Samantha Gaul (Red Mountain)

E2 Boys

  1. Gavin Patterson (Red Mountain)

  2. Orion Humphries (Red Mountain)

  3. Noah Lunn (Red Mountain)

E3 Girls

  1. September Stefani

  2. Bree Hammond (Salmo)

  3. Jocelyn Terwood (Salmo)

E3 Boys

  1. Owen Box (Salmo)

  2. Solomon Tupper (Summit Lake)

  3. Noah Markortoff


For pictures of the skiers in action, check out this gallery.

Submitted by Linda Schulze.


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