The Year in News: June 2010

Andrew Zwicker
By Andrew Zwicker
December 29th, 2010

The invasion of the bears reached peak levels in June as a record number were being destroyed in the region. By mid-June in the Castlegar region alone 18 bears had already been destroyed. One particular bear, shot in the foot, wounded by, but not killed led conservation officers on a wild bear chase around the city as sightings of the bear showed up for a week following the incident

June 17th – Garbage 18 – Bears 0
June 10th – Bad news bears: A busy spring for Rossland’s ursine scene
““I spent a lot of time trying to catch that bear and haven’t been able to,” explained local conservation officer Peter Busink. “That being said, last Friday I spent about three-and-a -half hours in town responding to sightings of that bear and every time I caught up with him, he was already gone back into the green space.”
June 17th – NEW BUSINESS PROFILE: BMO rebirth set to shine  
The continuing revitalization of Rossland’s downtown core added yet another tennant as the former BMO building continues to be brought back to life. Most recently the Shine Salon has moved into the space above the former law-office. New owner Stephanie Skrudland took the Telegraph on a tour of her new business and reno-project. 

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