The Year in News: January 2010

Andrew Zwicker
By Andrew Zwicker
December 29th, 2010

Kicking off the new year January brought with it  both mourning and celebrations, voluntary efforts and engaged citizens working for the betterment of their community

Jan 5th – Alberta man dies in avalanche near Rossland 


Heavy snows through the Christmas season and four consecutive days of snowfall to start the year were both a blessing and a curse for powder-hounds in the region. The best week of the ski season was dampened slightly by an Alberta snowmobilers death in an avalanche on Mt. Mackie.


“An Alberta man in his 30s died in an avalanche near Rossland yesterday.RCMP Cpl. Dan Moskaluk said four men, two from B.C. and one from Alberta, all in their 30s, snomobiled into the area around Mnt. Mackie.“They snomobiled in to go downhill skiing,” he said. “At around 3:30 p.m., an avalanche struck’



Jan 14th – Bobsled races back on…for now, and with special guests!


Just in time for Winter Carnival, Rossland’s one of a kind bobsled race was pulled back from the brink…


“Quite possibly the most unique, fun and old-school extreme events in town, the annual Spokane Street homemade bobsled race has been brought back from the brink of extinction. Last year, following a lack of cooperation from spectators on keeping the course clear and some hassling of volunteer course workers, the safety of the event was called into question and was cancelled

“It is great news to have it back,” said Carnival coordinator Kelly Acheson. “It’s back but with a lot of rules and fingers being crossed on the cooperation of the spectators.””


Jan 18th – Rosslanders turn out in force for school meeting –  


Planning for the Future 2 was presented to an overcapacity crowd early in the year. Foreshadowing where this story would go in 2010 the Telegraph’s newly notorious poster Fiscally Prudent lead off their comment to the story with ”It seems we’re in for more disruptions…”


 “Seven o’clock came and went Thursday evening and a steady stream of Rosslanders were still making their way into the RSS gym, a parade that must have impressed the audience—the Board staff and Trustees of School District 20. By the time the metaphorical dust settled, there were between five and six hundred people crammed into the gym.”



Jan 28th – Bear Aware no more?


Just months before Rossland would see the  highest number of bears being destroyed in years, Rossland’s bear aware program was in Jeapordy of folding.


“I feel hesitant and wonder, ‘Why keep it going another year in this part time manner if we don’t know the future?’ I could keep going year after year asking the city for more money and grants but that’s not my passion. Ideally we need another champion. We could deliver a part time program still for $4,000 a year,” explained Roussin

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