Rosslanders: Have a Merry Christmas as a Big Red Cats Ambassador

By paulagaul
December 16th, 2010

At Big Red Cats, we know that most Rosslanders don’t often get out cat skiing because they already have season passes and they can just wait for the big dumps to come in order to get their needed powder fixes. But we’d also like more of our neighbours to be able to get out and see how good it is out there, so that you can tell all of your non-Rossland friends about it!
So this year, Big Red Cats is doing a Rosslander Ambassador Program. From now until 10 Jan, ie if you have friends coming to town during the holidays, bring a paying guest from outside the West Kootenays, and you get to come for FREE!
If just works once; once you’ve been out with us, you’ll know what it’s all about. May be booked in advance, or standby, but only for existing cat trips.
Yes, you will have to prove that you’re a real 12-month-a-year Rosslander, ie a driver’s license or property tax notice, if we don’t already know you. No, we don’t dislike non-Rosslanders – we just want to do something special for our neighbours this season.
Note: at BRC, we have separate trips for expert, advanced, and intermediate skiers and riders. If you live in Rossland, and ski everywhere on Granite, you’re considered expert (double-diamond). So, check out www.bigredcatskiing.com/availability.html and give us a call at (250) 362-2271 to book!

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