Bieber fever hits Rossland teen

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October 18th, 2010

Oh no! Say it isn’t so. Justin Bieber is getting engaged!

Admittedly, the tween-aged hearthrob may not know it — yet.
If mega fan Brittanie Catalano has her way, it’s the way things are going to go after Tuesday’s concert at Rogers Arena. Ever since her friend Roni introduced her to the singer’s song “One Time,” Catalano knew they were meant to be. The 14-year-old Rossland resident is flying in for the performance by her fave pop star and having a pre-show “engagement party” with friends and family. Her mom and her discussed it and decided that this was the time for the announcement. After all, she’s been known to hyphenate her name Catalano-Bieber.
She’s not the only one out there with visions of JB 4ever, either.
“I guess other girls may be having parties like this, too, and screaming out ‘I love you’ at the show, but he’ll choose me over all the rest,” says Catalano. “I’ll push through them all and he’ll hear me be louder.”
This kind of determination isn’t lost on all the boys losing out to the pint-size pop singer either. Catalano says forget about trying to bite his steez. That signature look belongs only to the ’Bieb.
“I love the haircut but only on Justin,” says Catalano. “No one else can work it like he can.
“He can do the hairflip and it’s amazing. I’ve never met another guy who can do it quite like Justin Bieber.”
She’s hoping he’ll flip for her attire of a glow-in-the-dark Justin tee and, of course, the engagement ring.
“It’s just a standard gold ring with a huge diamond in it. It weighs down my hand a little bit, but nothing I can’t handle.”
Informed about the coming line of Justin Bieber brand nail polish and book, she said the words that his management love to hear. She’s going to “buy the entire set of the nail polish” and is getting his book this weekend. Like all his fans, following his Twitter feed is de rigeur.
“That boy never stops tweeting. I think it’s all him doing it except for those times when he’s talking personally to me.”
As for what makes this show different than all the rock concerts she’s been to so far: “He’s my No. 1 guy, it’s Justin Bieber, I just love him.”
For parents attending the concert, I’m recommending wearing earplugs. Not for the music, but to drown out your screaming daughters and their friends.


By Stuart Derdeyn, The Province

Reprinted with permission from Globe Media

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