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Visions for Small Schools
By Visions for Small Schools
February 14th, 2010

When issues arise, Rosslanders get moving. Over the years, I have been truly inspired by the energy and commitment my fellow citizens have made in the quest to stabilize public education in Rossland.

The Planning for the Future process undertaken by School District 20, has been front and centre for the past two years. As most of you know, SD20 is asking the public to submit ideas that address the challenges to our public education delivery.  And while there is a strong opinion that our system is underfunded by the BC government, we are not afraid to look in our own back yard for some cost saving measures that would benefit our district.

As an example, we have one group of citizens working on Neighbourhoods of Learning concept which could involve our public school properties. This is a  
concept that invites the public school to share its ‘space’ with other organizations, public or private. The sharing of facilities these results in cost savings to both partners. Several schools in BC have gone this route. Another initiative is underway to investigate and present various K-12 scenarios so that our public can make educated decisions for the future of our schools.

Over the years, Rosslanders have been creative in their quest to retain K-12. Ski, snowboard, freeride, dance academies have been created. The International Program is going great guns and (after a lengthy battle with the trustees who wanted to shut it down) has finally been recognized as a great asset to SD20. Our chef’s program, while a district Transition to Trades program, is made possible because RSS has an industrial kitchen and a great foods room. Our arts programs run on a linear and off timetable schedule which allows the young artist to retain their ‘chops’. Other initiatives such as a Distance Learning Centre, a multi-media program and more are currently being investigated.

I would like to invite all those who have other such great ideas, to share them with the school board, your friends or with me. I welcome any emails and would be happy to meet with anyone who wishes to discuss/spearhead/organize initiatives that would further stabilize our schools.

Concerns and questions are welcome, too.

Submission to the Planning for the Future can be made to the SD20 website, preferably before Feb. 28th.


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