Visions for Small Schools: a call to action on K-12 in Rossland

Visions for Small Schools
By Visions for Small Schools
November 26th, 2009

Visions for Small Schools hopes you will take the time to read through the planning for the future document (attached to this blog), especially as it pertains to Rossland.

We’d love to hear from the community regarding these issues:

  • The need for a realistic solution to the budgetary constraints caused by the change in the funding formula and declining enrolment
  • Best case scenario –  we encourage the members of the community to put forth their hopes for what education in Rossland will look like 10 years down the road
  • Worst case scenario – how to retain K – 12 in Rossland within the budgetary constraints (including innovative methods of course delivery)
  • Invitation to give respectful opinions and constructive ideas on the subject (all defamatory posts will be deleted)

You can post your thoughts as comments to this blog. The comments we receive will form the basis for a community survey (To be posted here next week) which will enable us to pursue the direction which best meets the needs of the community and its present and future students.
Mary Amantea 
VSS Director

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