Kids disturbing the peace in the wee hours of the morning

Fred G Flood
By Fred G Flood
October 6th, 2009

For my son Tom who wrote the original letter. Kids trespassing and disturbing the peace anytime after 12 midnight is not a unique problem.
Yes, it is a police matter but insulting them with remarks about only enforcing seat belt law is not going to get you any cooperation. My guess is that if young people are out at 5am, they are past the point of caring parents, although it is a point well taken. It sounds like these are troubled and/or troublesome youths destined to head to jail for some early part of their lives. This is the very activity that social agencies geared to youth development should be looking at. From my impressions of Rossland, it is a very strongly knit and community minded Town that takes fierce pride in preserving its heritage and its image. It is a beautiful community that hopefully will not suffer mindless vandalism, the next step for these rowdy young people roaming the streets and private property while the Town sleeps. Are there not the social agencies and youth leaders in the community that can target this group and give them the help they need? It beats enforcement, is less costly, and is much more sustainable. One word of advice to Tom and others at the point of anger… wait 3 days before confronting and attacking the issue.You will be amazed how much differently and smarter you tackle the problem and the consequent success that results.
Fred G Flood,
Penetanguishene, ON.

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