COMMENT: Rossland Chamber of Commerce Supports Economic Development

By Contributor
August 26th, 2009

Submitted by the Rossland Chamber of Commerce

The Rossland Chamber of Commerce is continually working towards a positive community image and relaying to potential visitors, investors and residents alike that we are a town that is certainly open for business. We need to be front and centre for our members to ensure our positioning for long term viability and sustainability of the business community, families and children is effective on all levels.

The proposed DCC platform in its entirety is available at The City of Rossland and is an extremely important subject by where a local government may, by bylaw, impose development cost charges on every person who obtains:

(a) approval of a subdivision, or
(b) a building permit authorizing the construction, alteration or extension of a building or structure.

We have been told that these costs are needed to look after old infrastructure around town as there are no funds to do so at this moment in time. Although we understand that a re-design of the DCC platform in Rossland is necessary to enable us to recover the growth-related costs associated with the capital infrastructure needed to service new development, we believe this could perhaps be done with a “phasing in” process as opposed to the current suggestions and that this be differed until such time as the overall health of the economy improves.

The Rossland Chamber of Commerce has a continued mission to enhance, promote and represent the business community of Rossland and we support smart, well-thought out and positive economic development. In today’s challenging economic times it is necessary to be as proactive as possible in order to retain and attract business to our great city to ensure sustainable growth both now and in the future.

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