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V2A Economic Development
By V2A Economic Development
June 29th, 2009


Bill works for a company debugging software. Last year Bill started working three days in the office and two days at home. Interestingly, he proved to his boss that he was more productive during the two days at home than he was during the three days in the office. Since then Bill has not only managed to convince his boss that he can work full time from home, but that his home doesn’t even need to be in the same city. Bill has just moved and he now works full time for his company in Vancouver from the comfort of his home office in Rossland.


Sally has been running her own marketing business for two years now. She has a staff of ten spred out in various cities across North America and leads them all through email and phone conversations. Her customers are global, located in various countries around the world. Sally doesn’t have a fancy office, a top-notch wardrobe, or a huge expense account. Sally realized when she started her business that today she needed none of that to be successful. Sally runs her marketing company from her home office and spends the time she would be using to commute to hit the bike trails and ski slopes.


Fred is getting tired of his current job and is feeling ready for a change. While working his regular shifts he has also been slowly building up a small business as a web designer, a passion he recently discovered. Fred works days in the plant and nights as a web designer for different companies across Canada attempting to build their online presence. Fred is looking forward to the day he can run his business full time, but until then he is happy to work at both of his jobs.

Nomadic Entrepreneurs: Fact or Fiction?

These three people, although working in different areas all share one thing in common: they are all Nomadic Entrepreneurs: people who CHOOSE to live in Rossland whose economic activity is not geographically associated to Rossland. No compromising lifestyle due to employment. These three Nomadic Entrepreneurs are fictional, or are they? Rossland provides an excellent location for these Nomads that can be improved even further. The Economic Development Task Force believes this group is an important part of Rossland’s future plans. The EDTF is interested in meeting the current group of Nomads already here, and then using this information to determine how to improve Rossland’s infrastructure and support in order to attract more of these entrepreneurs to our town.

Help with the survey

If you are a Nomadic Entrepreneur: a software developer, author, consultant, web designer, internet marketer, virtual assistant, etc. living in Rossland the EDTF asks that you complete the upcoming “Nomadic Entrepreneur Survey” and then, hopefully, join the EDTF in personal interviews about your business and how the City of Rossland can improve to make it even more successful. Help the EDTF put real names, real faces, and real businesses to this fictional story by filling out the Nomadic Entrepreneur survey:

Click here to go to the survey now. Or paste the URL below into your browser


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