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April 27th, 2009

Dear Editor,

Ron Campbell said in the interview that his one regret was the approach taken  
to extend the municipal boundary to the North.  I don’t believe that it was  
the “approach” (although the approach was to rush the thing through  
before anyone had a chance to react). It was the fact that the proposal made  
no sense to the residents of the area affected or to the citizens of  
Rossland.  There were no benefits to the residents of the area: no street  
lights, no garbage pick up, no sewer, and no water.  There were no benefits  
to the city:  the numbers when they were finally compiled showed that it  
would be revenue negative for many years.

There was however, a huge benefit to the folks of the Mountain Kingdom (as we  
seem to be calling ourselves these days).  The process brought to light the  
fact that people can have a say in what affects their way of life. That the  
residents of an area who strongly oppose being taken over by a municipality  
can in fact save themselves from that fate is empowering.

I believe that this was the catalyst that sparked the good people of Rossland  
to wake up and realize that they need to pay attention to what was happening  
in their town and take an active part in the process.  Unfortunately, it  
became very divisive and not all was constructive, but more people took part  
and had their say.  This is a good thing in my opinion.

Vera Schaefer

Happy RDKB resident

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