Mark your calendars for LAW DAY!

Celebrate Law Day at the Rossland Courthouse  The Rossland Law Courts in association with the Kootenay Bar open their doors to the public to come  wander through these historic walls of the Rossland Courthouse building on Saturday, May 4, 2024, from  11:00am – 2:00pm. Law Day is an annual national event (typically in April) celebrating […]

PUBLIC NOTICE: Rossland Business Licence Bylaw No. 2801, 2024

PUBLIC NOTICE BUSINESS LICENCE BYLAW NO. 2801, 2024 Notice is hereby given pursuant to section 59(2) of the Community Charter that Rossland City Council will be considering the adoption of Business Licence Bylaw No. 2801, 2024, a bylaw to replace the municipality’s current Business Licence Bylaw No. 2326, 2017 and all its amendments. Copies of […]

Op/Ed: Are you mad about the carbon "tax"?

Editor’s Note: The article below focuses on the federal carbon pricing system; please be aware that in BC, the Province runs its own carbon pricing system, but the carbon price for each is the same, and both the federal and the BC systems have rebates – paid quarterly – to benefit low-income and medium-income households. […]

COUNCIL MATTERS: Rossland City Council Meeting, April 2, 2024

The cost of providing bear-proof community garbage bins; the big-ticket item — our five-year financial plan; the contentious item: short-term rental regulation; and, yes, “Old Town” is a time-honoured historic designation for part of Rossland. Present: Mayor Andy Morel and Councillors Lisa Kwiatkowski, Craig Humpherys, Eliza Boyce (virtual), Maya Provençal (virtual), and Jeff Weaver. Absent: […]

“Re-Di” Grants and Rossland

Everyone involved in organizations that have applied for Re-Di Grants already know what they are, but what about everyone else? “Re-Di” stands for “Resident Directed” and in Rossland, the direction comes by way of Rossland residents’ elected representatives on City Council. Re-Di Grants is a project supported by Columbia Basin Trust, intended to benefit the […]

Canada’s EV Mandate Drives Demand for Battery Recycling in Industry-Friendly Region

The federal government’s plan to phase out gas and diesel passenger vehicles by 2035 requires the Canadian economy to shift, with battery recycling at the forefront in the Lower Columbia region of BC’s Southern Interior. Economic development agency Lower Columbia Initiatives Corporation (LCIC) is leading the charge by investigating ways to further augment the region’s […]

Selkirk College Students Tops in Business Simulation Competition

In an important test of what’s to come after graduation, four students in Selkirk College’s School of Business triumphed in a simulation competition that matched their talents against top-notch post-secondary peers. Held at New Westminster’s Douglas College in early-March, the annual Western Canadian Business Competition (WCBC) brought together schools from across British Columbia and Alberta […]

Monarchy, History, Malady, Memory

We do not make history, we are made by history. — Martin Luther King, jr. Our King “ … divinity … doth hedge a King.” — Shakespeare, Macbeth No one reading this is likely to think a king has anything divine about him, but for Shakespeare 400 years ago, — for subjects in Arabia and […]

A letter to Howard Katkov from a resident of Rossland

[Editor’s Note:  Before publishing this letter, we ensured that Mr. Katkov was aware and had an opportunity to respond, and he indicated that there would be no reply from RED.] Mr Katkov, I am taking the time to write to you to express my concerns over the planned development you are advertising in the vicinity […]

Wages in Kootenay Development Region rise the highest in province: report

Over the last year the median hourly wage in the Kootenay Development Region rose by over $4 per hour, and now sits well above the provincial and national rate, according to the latest State of the Basin Focus report. Produced by Selkirk College: Selkirk Innovates — through the Columbia Basin Trust — the e-newsletter noted […]

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