Telegraph Profile: Accidental Environmentalist Runs for Council

This week's all-candidates' meeting was a good introduction to the great majority of the candidates in this year's Rossland civic elections. One candidate, however, was not present at the meeting. "It was raining and I wasn't about to drive eight blocks. And if I'd walked, I'd have got soaked and had to use the clothes dryer,"...

Book Review: Mistakes Were Made, But Not By Me

by Carol Tavris and Elliot Aronson Reviewed by Sara Golling This gripping and delightful book abounds in “AHA!” moments. It should be required reading for all politicians, bureaucrats, civil servants, teachers, parents, children, members of boards of directors and all other decision-makers – in short, everyone. When you read...

Joe Hill Coffeehouse Revival

This Sunday the Miner’s Hall will play host to a revival 20 plus years in the making as the Joe Hill Coffee House makes a return back to its original home. Designed after the original Joe Hill Coffee House series from the mid eighties, the Rossland Arts Council has backed Michael Gifford to once again provide a venue for...

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