Annual Pro-Life "Life Chain" demonstrations

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September 30th, 2019

In Canada, the decision on whether or not a woman considering abortion will actually have one is currently made privately in discussions about the potential risks and alternative options between the woman and her doctor, and also depends on the accessibility of an abortion provider.  There is no federal law prohibiting or restricting abortion.

Many of Canada’s “Pro Life” citizens want the discussion on abortion re-opened and some legal restrictions imposed on abortions. 

Pro Lifers say they do not want the women who seek abortions to be punished, but do want to offer them options, information and help. 

Pro-Life organizers will be holding a “Life Chain” demonstration in Trail on Saturday Oct. 5th  at 1:00 pm,  and the next day in Castlegar  at 2:00 pm on Sunday Oct. 6th,  with participants holding signs to peacefully demonstrate ways in which women with unwanted pregnancies might consider not aborting their pregnancy.

The organizers suggest various messages to convey that abortion is not a solution to women’s problems and that help is available. Pro Life groups believe every woman should make a choice both she and the baby can live with, so one sign reads “She’s a Child not a Choice”.  In order to “Love them Both / Choose Life” as another message reads, the group knows it is important to actively offer help and support to pregnant women. 

Pro-lifers  encourage women to call 1-877-889-6626 – a “help line” for the Pro-Life network “Heartbeat International” which will provide the closest local contact for an organization to provide Pro-life assistance with an unplanned pregnancy.

The organizers point out that November is National Adoption Awareness Month in Canada, “highlighting the sacrifice of placing a child with a family that wants to adopt a child.  There are 5 year waiting lists for those wanting to receive a child in their home.   One Life Chain sign reads “Adoption — the Loving Option”.   With the changing methods of ‘open’ adoptions, most of the trauma of placing a child has been lessened.”   See www.AdoptioninCanada.ca

The organizers invite everyone to join the peaceful gathering in Trail Saturday Oct. 5th  at 1:00 pm along Victoria St. and in Castlegar on Sunday Oct. 6th  at 2:00 pm at the intersection of  Canadian Tire and Highway 3A.

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