Pedestrian Struck and Injured by Uninsured Driver

Sara Golling
By Sara Golling
October 26th, 2015

It was nearly 9:30 in the morning on October 26, 2015,  when a Canada Post employee was crossing Victoria Street in Trail on a green light.  A pick-up truck turning left onto Cedar Avenue struck and injured her; she was taken by ambulance to the hospital.   The driver of the truck has been charged with failing to yield to a pedestrian and failing to have insurance.

If  you were injured by an uninsured driver, could you recover any compensation for your injuries from ICBC?    

If you have Under-insured Motorist insurance, you would be covered, in spite of the fact that the driver who hit you didn’t have  insurance, and even though you were a pedestrian, rather than driving your vehicle.  If the crash involved a motorist you would be covered.  

If you don’t already have under-insured motorist coverage, think about the financial risks of not having it  in the event that an uninsured or under-insured driver causes you property damage or serious injury.  

We wish the Canada Post employee who was hit a rapid and complete recovery, and hope that she is covered by as much insurance as she needs.  

We wish the driver of the vehicle that struck her a big improvement in eyesight and attentiveness, not to mention insurance coverage.

Jaywalking Rosslanders,  take note:  if you are jaywalking and are hit by a motorist, you could be found to share the liability for your injuries.  The circumstances of the  mishap would determine the proportion of your liability, and whether you would be entitled to recover any compensation for injuries, and if so, how much.  You could lose out on considerably more than just a fine for jaywalking. 

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