LETTER: Top two federal parties suppressing and oppressing working class Canada

By Contributor
August 19th, 2015

Is The US Dollar Collapsing, or is it Not? There are three schools of thought on where the US dollar is headed, some say it will be dead before Sept. 2015  is over. Some believe it is business as usual, while a third group points to the US dollar as deflating.

Now I’m a Canadian, and personally, I do not care who is right, or who is wrong. But, what I do care about, and what is abundantly clear to most  working class people, in Canada, is that back in the 1990s, good living wage  jobs came under attack, (with government help) they were dissected into  part-time jobs, and that (with government help) permanent living-wage (living  income) job creation was discontinued, and never restarted.

The economic benefit of those government imposed attacks on the working class, went directly into inflating the quarterly profit margins of big business, the banks, and stock market speculators. Working people, in Canada, (the majority of Canadians) have been losing ground ever since.  
Unemployment, commodity prices, food prices, poverty, homelessness, drug addiction, chronic illness, suicide, and crime began to increase.

To make matters worse, as a means of keeping wages down, governments began flooding the job market with immigrant labour, at a rate of 250’000 per annum. The hardship of real Canadians tripled, while the banks, big business, and speculator profit did likewise.

What the hell has that got to do with the US dollar?  Well, The above trend has continued, until now in 2015, neither Canada’s government, or Canada’s business community, operate on the Canadian Dollar. Everything in Canada, (except the working class consumer) has been switched over to the US Dollar. Ordinary Canadians however; who are the only ones left holding, and spending, Canadian currency dollars, (worth 25 per cent less than the US dollar) are being forced to pay US dollar prices, which means they Canadians (living in Canada) are paying around $1.30 Canadian to buy a $1.00 item in a Canadian  
store, a service station, or whatever.

Was any of this hardship a result of your telling a politician to do whatever it takes to make it so?  I would estimate, that 80 per cent of you would say “NO” to that question.

2015 is an election year, and two of the competing political parties seeking ruling power, this October, the Liberal Party of Canada, and the Conservative Party of Canada, represent the same two parties who assisted each other in making the above working class catastrophe happen. Both of them have attacked the working class majority for the benefit, and continuing benefit, of themselves, and those whose money controls their agendas. There are only two other parties to choose from, but I do not see either one of them running on a platform, that is aimed at derailing the ruling authority, which our  
political system bestows on the winning political party. If we (the working class majority) are ever to have any say in our own lives, or our own destiny, that ruling authority, must be taken away from the establishment and the political parties. But we see none of them offering us that choice, because if they did offer such a choice, and if they actually kept their word, Canada wound become a real Democracy, and that, would not play into the hands of the Profiteers, who own the Political system.

We need to be demanding a fair shake, instead of listening to a bunch of empty posturing announcements from a bunch of people who once elected (look back at the records) have never defended the interest of either Canada (our country) or the majority of Canadians (us the working people).  By numbers we are an awesome power, we have no need to be kowtowing to special interest political parties. The least we can do is try to protect our children, grand-children, and our class interests, against the destruction that this ongoing domination will bring upon them.


Jean H. Broeckx – Canadians In Search of Justice
Castlegar, BC

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