Castlegar Art Walk call to artists

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January 27th, 2015

To all Visual Artists,

Plans are under way for Castlegar’s 2015 summer Art Walk. An ongoing venture for Castlegar, the Art Walk has been a welcome opportunity for artists to show their work to the community and its visitors, in places of local business.

The Castlegar Arts Council is inviting you to be a part of Art Walk 2015. Experienced and emerging artists are encouraged to participate as individuals or small groups. As we are limiting the event to about 30 venues, entries may be reviewed for suitability. Displayed work should be new to Castlegar’s Art Walk, and artisans producing crafted items made from design plans or kits will not be included.

The entry fee is $25 ($5 non-refundable) to be submitted with the enclosed form and two photos of your work, suitable for publicity purposes. The venue (store or office) will accept payment for sales, and keep a 20% commission. Artists receive 80% of the sales.

Art Walk 2015 will run from June 22rd to September 20th. An opening mini-show and reception with entertainment is planned, on June 25th.

The Arts Council will coordinate artists and venues, as well as promote the event. A repeat production of the very effective brochure that was produced last year is currently in preparation.

The artists are responsible to choose and install their work, in cooperation with the venue.

Castlegar businesses and residents, as well as returning tourists, will be looking forward to seeing what our artists have created, and the Castlegar Arts Council is happy to be coordinating this event, which showcases our community’s artistic talent.

Please carefully read the enclosed guidelines and deliver your application by Thursday, March


Thank you for your interest and participation. If we can answer any of your questions, please email castlegararts@gmail.com or call Jacquie Hamilton at 250-365-8026.


Sandra Donohue




1. One or two artist show: Please include photos of your work, indicating which are pieces to be included in the show. Indicate how many pieces you wish to show, giving size, medium, and special display requirements. Prices, if available, are helpful. The quality of your photos is very important to acquiring a showing location for you. Please do not send original work. Include at least one clear, uncluttered, sharp focus photo suitable for publication – of your work or yourself at work.

2. All applications must include photos, signed application and waiver form, a 200 word (maximum) biography or artist’s statement, and the $25 application fee.


1. All works must be framed or otherwise professionally displayed. The artist is responsible for the installation of the work in cooperation with the venue. Work must be ready for viewing by noon of the first day of the Art Walk – June 22rd

2. Exhibitions must include a framed or suitably presented biography or artist’s statement on site. Photo of the artist is optional.

3. All work will be for sale unless otherwise agreed, and priced. Art Walk labels will be provided. Each label should be neatly prepared to include the artist’s name, title of the work, medium and price.

4. The artists must sign a commission agreement (80% artist – 20% venue split).

5. The artist will be responsible for the removal of the show, after the last day of the show. Shows may not be removed early.

6. When work is sold, the work should remain on display until the end of the show, if possible. When this is not possible, arrangements should be made to either replace the piece or rearrange the spacing of the remaining pieces. The venue is responsible for the collection of the money. They will keep the commission and pay the balance to the artist by the end of the show.

7. The better the application, the more likely the work will be accepted by one of the businesses acting as galleries.

Application Deadline Thursday, March 26th, 2015. Fee $25

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