Taylor says humane society is needed in GF

Shara JJ Cooper
By Shara JJ Cooper
April 8th, 2014

Mayor Brian Taylor is hoping someone in the community will come forward and help set up a humane society in Grand Forks.

He brought the issue up at the City’s regular council meeting, Monday during his mayor’s report.

“Are we so inhumane that we can’t get someone to come forward to take a leadership role in dealing with the humanitarian aspect of animals in our community?” he asked at the meeting.

Taylor said that the city deals with animal issues like feral cats and while they do have the Kootenay Boundary Animal Control, he says that the program seems remote and it would be better to have someone dealing with animals locally.

Other social issues, like working with the elderly, are frequently being addressed, according to Taylor, but aspect of dealing with animals is being neglected.

“I feel like we are really missing the boat on this,” he said, adding that if a group of people were willing to come forward and act in that capacity it would add to the depth of how Grand Forks deals with animals.

After the mayor spoke, Coun. Cher Wyers jokingly said she would jump on that initiative but that if she did would have to step down from council.

Taylor acknowledged that it would be time-consuming and would take a “special kind of person” but that he would be out in the community, supporting them and speaking on their behalf.


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