Senior uses pocket knife to end dog fight

Boundary Sentinel
By Boundary Sentinel
November 25th, 2013

A 72-year-old Vancouver used a knife to end a dog fight near Kitsilano Beach Park, Nov. 20. 

The unnamed man was walking his pug off-leash when it ran up to another dog. The dog, which was identified as a pitbull in a Vancouver Police Department press release, was on-leash and being walked by a woman. 

The dog started to fight and when the man was unable to break them up, he pulled out a folding pocket knife and stabbed the pitbull. 

Vancouver Animal Control attended the scene. The pug was rushed to a veterinarian and requred stitches on its neck. The pitbull died on site. 

According to the press release, both the man and woman are cooperating with the police and charges have not been pressed. 

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