What to Eat-Part 2

Dr. Brenda Gill
By Dr. Brenda Gill
July 17th, 2013

The last article discussed what should be considered when putting a meal together.  There should be the equivalent amount of protein to carbohydrates, more alkalinizing food than acidifying and minimizing acidic foods and drinks as well as any cow or pig product.  The caloric total of the meals should be about the same as your activity level that day and less if you are trying to lose weight.  They should have a variety of colour, taste and texture to be satisfying and eaten in a relaxed environment.  Let’s put this to practise now with some meal suggestions.



                     PROTEIN                                          CARBS

 yogurt/nuts and seeds                       fruit- apricots/berries/others

  eggs                                                 whole grain toast

 omelette                                             (onion/pepper/zucchini/spinach)

  stir fried curry tofu                             onion/kale/broccoli

  goat cheese                                   sautéed veggies

  yogurt/nuts and seeds                      oatmeal/granola/muesli

  almond/sunflower seed butter           waffles/pancakes


2.    LUNCH                 


can of wild salmon                                      dark green leafy salad

hard boiled eggs                          carrot/celery/zucchini sticks

hummous                               green beans/peas/peppers

 sautéed mushroom tofu                         garlic/eggplant/beets

veggie/nut pate                                    asparagus/zucchini/yams

split pea/lentil soup                                              corn thins

chicken/turkey breast                broccoli/cauliflower/cabbage salad

black/kidney/garbanzo beans           corn tortillas w shredded veggies


3.    SUPPER              

chicken/turkey breast                     asparagus/kale with brown rice

black/pinto beans/goat cheese  shredded veggies/whole grain burrito

frttata- eggs/sheep cheese            onion/swiss chard/zucchini/pepper

 lamb shank                             sweet potatoes/peas/beans

sautéed sea vegetable tofu                   bok choy/garlic/parsnips/leeks

buffalo burger                                         mixed veggie salad

  squid/scallops/shrimp                    spaghetti squash/onions/garlic

  seared tuna                        artichoke/broccoli/carrots/quinoa

tempeh/kidney bean chili       celery/garlic/onions/roasted red peppers

buffalo stew                  carrots/celery/onions/peas/collards


This should give you some ideas for meals.  As you can see I encourage you to use veggies, fruit and whole grains for your carbohydrate and minimize bread, pasta, pizza, buns or any other refined grains.

Brenda Gill is a naturopath practising in Rossland, BC.

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