LETTER: Is council's decision to scrap DCCs potentially disasterous? Look at the numbers and decide for yourself

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March 7th, 2012

Dear editor,

At a council meeting on Monday night, Rossland City Council recommended eliminating Development Cost Charges and the Regional sewer service cost recovery charge and replace them with a connection charge. Instead of paying the current $3,362 and $2,500, respectively, for a single family dwelling, the charge will now be $1,850, i.e. a reduction of about 68%.

Over the past 7 years I’ve written lots of letters to both Council and newspapers about Rosslands inadequate Development Cost Charges but to no avail. Here is a summary of relevant numbers…..decide for yourself if you think Councils decision is correct or not.  


Current population                                                                     3556

Highest population in 90 years (BC Stats Census Data)               4,604

Projected population in 20 years re OCP at 1% growth                 5,172

Projected population in 20 years re OCP at 1.5% growth              5,738

Projected ultimate population                                                   17,363

Population used for sizing infrastructure on Columbia/Washington project                                                                                    10,000 at                                                                                                 Red Mtn

Population to be used for sizing RDKB sewage systems – in 20years                                                                                    5,600

Population to be used for sizing sewage treatment plant site for land purchase                                                                                 17,363


Current number of private dwellings re. Official Community Plan (OCP)                                                                                      1656

Number of dwellings not occupied by permanent residents (re OCP)                                                                                        303

Number of projected additional housing units* at “build-out”          3167

(*Equivalent to a single family dwelling)


Current charge in Rossland for a new single family dwelling        $ 2,500

Estimated capital cost per new single family dwelling ****          $ 6,058

(****estimated from 2007 Liquid Waste Management Plan 20 year projection) 

Planned Regional Sewer Cost recovery Charge                                                                              $ 0


Estimated capital cost of infrastructure at Red Mountain per unit*

                                                                                         $ 7,409 (2003)

(**Estimated by engineering consultant, Urban Systems in 2003)

Current Rossland DCCs for a single family dwelling                 $ 3,362

DCCs recommended by an expert consultant*** in 2009 for Red Mountain                                                                             $ 13,779

DCCs recommended by an expert consultant in 2009 for City Core/Redstone                                                                     $ 8,624

(***AECOM for a single family dwelling)

Average of 111 BC Municipalities Development Cost Charges (2011 survey)                                                                                 $ 8,191

Minimum of 111 BC Municipalities Development Cost Charges (2011 survey)                                                                                $ 107

Maximum of 111 BC Municipalities Development Cost Charges (2011 survey)                                                                               $ 30,242

Planned Rossland DCCs (Council decision March 6th 2012)                                                                                    $ 0


Proposed connection charge for a single family dwelling                                                                            $ 1,850


Please let your Councillors know what you think of their decision before this recommendation becomes a bylaw.

Ken Holmes


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