Much Mo' Mo'vember: Cho'colate 'staches at the Mo'untain Nu'gget

Tyler Austin Bradley
By Tyler Austin Bradley
November 25th, 2010

 In late-breaking Mo’vember news, now anyone that missed the starter’s pistol for growing their mo’ in support of men’s health can still get in on the act.

(Mo’vember, for those of you still in the dark, is a November-long commitment in which participating dudes grow a moustache and gather donations from their community to help fight prostate cancer)

Struck with the realization that over 51% of the world’s population cannot grow a convincing moustache, local Mo’vember participants had a stroke of genius this past week.  While stroking their now considerable facial hair offerings, and concluding that a significant growth of whiskers undoubtedly contributes to a refined, even wizened elder statesman-like flavour, Mo’vember combatants Rory Belter and yours truly came up with a plan that would enable any and all Rosslanders to take part in the gathering storm-cloud of whiskered cumulus cultivation.

“The idea took seed, but now it has truly taken hold.  Voila, the moustache-on-a-stick.”

But not just some comical fake moustache of horsehair or acrylic pile, no-no, this ephemeral moustache on a stick comes in both milk and dark chocolate; it’s edible, and quite delicious.

Drinking a hefty glass of chocolate milk, moustache bearing much of the liquid remains of his last swig, Rory Belter explains how the inspiration for this latest initiative came about.

“Girls like chocolate,” Belter asserts.

Indeed, in-depth research of vital statistics, demographics and O Magazine led Mo’vemberists to conclude that the majority of the population not able to conventionally participate in Movember, namely females, truly appear to enjoy chocolate.  A plan was hatched.

Enter Trish and Scott of Mountain Nugget Chocolate Company.  Supplied with this latest hair-brained scheme of the Mo’vember set, and a set of custom chocolate moustache relief-making trays, our local chocolatier impresarios rose to the challenge and minted the inaugural Mo’vember chocolate moustaches… and these same moustachios (featuring no pistachios or nut content whatsoever) are now available to the public.

Show your support for men’s health, moustaches, local business, and chocolate by picking up a $2.50 choco-mo’ today.  A great gift idea for those not equipped with mo’ bearing hair follicles, and a definite pleaser for anyone sporting a sweet tooth.

Ongoing donations to the Rossland Mo’vember effort can be made here or to our team “Mo Stach Mo Pinache.”  Currently ranked 5007th in Canada, we’re confident we can make it to 5000th place! 

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