Pesticide ban bylaw on the agenda for Monday night: Local Prevent Cancer Now rep calls for public support

Andrew Zwicker
By Andrew Zwicker
November 7th, 2010

Banning the use of pesticides in Rossland will be back on the City Council Agenda tonight. Councillor Kathy Moore will be speaking to her motion that Rossland ask city staff to develop a bylaw banning the use of pesticides in Rossland based around the bylaw Invermere put in place just over a year and a half ago. 

Diana Daghofer of Prevent Cancer Now has recently issued a challenge to Rosslanders to get out to City Hall’s council chambers this Monday night and show their support for the potential bylaw. In addition she has asking Rosslanders to write to the Mayor and Councillors expressing their feelings on the bylaw prior to the discussion and vote. 


Last February Rossland City Council voted on a similar motion. The decision was evenly split with three councilors for and three councilors against the motion. Councillor Jill Spearn was absent. This resulted in the motion for staff to develop a pesticide banning bylaw being defeated.


Councillor Moore is hoping that with all councilors in attendance this go around that the results will be different.


Learn more about the potential bylaw here. To add perspective to the debate you can also read the Telegraph’s interview with Invermere’s Mayor on how they handled the adoption of their pesticide ban bylaw.


Diana Daghofer’s letter:


Hi all,


Kathy Moore is bringing a motion to Council for the pesticide by-law next Monday, November 8. The meeting starts at 7:00pm. I’m not sure when, exactly, our motion is on the agenda, but it shouldn’t be too late. We are quite sure that we’ll have enough supportive councillors on board to pass this time, but it’s really important to show community support. Please come to the meeting! Bring your family and friends! Send this message out to everyone you know in town!


In the meantime, letters of support to all councillors would be appreciated. Kathy, Hanne Smith and Andy Stradling voted in favour last time; Kathy Wallace, Laurie Charlton and Greg Granstrom were opposed. Jill Spearn was absent. Send emails to those opposed, hoping that they have reconsidered their position given that the provincial governemtn still isn’t moving forward, and there is strong community support for the bylaw. Encourage them to show leadership. Thank the others for their support, and make is clear that you hope Jill will vote for the motion (all indications are that she is favourable.)


Council e-mail addresses:




Kathy Moore km@2cats.net;

Hanne Smith smithhanne@gmail.com;

Andy Stradling andy.stradling@gmail.com;





Greg Granstrom mayor@rossland.ca;

Kathy Wallace kwallace307@gmail.com




Jill Spearn jspearn@telus.net


Hope to see you there!



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