LETTER: Everyone deserves protection from pesticides

Diana Daghofer
By Diana Daghofer
October 12th, 2010

Dear editor,
 As residents of this area, we believe everyone deserves to be protected from the health effects of pesticides, which have been linked to a multitude of illnesses including both adult and childhood cancers. It appears most residents of BC agree with us. A public consultation, conducted by the Government of British Columbia last winter resulted in more than 8,000 comments, signatures on petitions or submissions.  Eighty-eight per cent expressed support for a cosmetic pesticide ban. 


On behalf of the Canadian Cancer Society and Prevent Cancer Now, we invite  everyone to an information night on the health and environmental effects of cosmetic pesticides. The event takes place this Friday, October 15 at 7:00 pm at the Rossland Miners’ Hall.  We are very fortunate to have Dr. Carolyn Gotay join us for a dialogue on this important health issue. Carolyn Gotay is the Canadian Cancer Society Chair in Cancer Primary Prevention at the University of British Columbia. 


We will also be screening the compelling film, ‘A Chemical Reaction’, which tells the story of a powerful community initiative that eventually resulted in Canada’s first by-law to ban the use of all chemical pesticides and herbicides, in the town of Hudson, Quebec. The by-law withstood a challenge by the chemical industry in the Supreme Court of Canada and so far the provinces of Quebec and Ontario have implemented provincial bans on the sale and use of cosmetic pesticides. Now,168 Canadian municipalities have adopted similar by-laws, including Nelson, the District of Invermere, Kimberley, Fernie, and just last week – the town of Golden.   


As the film discusses the particular challenges and opportunities faced by a community’s municipal leaders with regard to restricting the cosmetic use of pesticides,  we are hoping that local city councils will accept our invitation to come and learn about implementing a cosmetic pesticide ban . We hope this will lead to pesticide bans in all our communities. 


Please join us, and encourage your elected officials to attend, to learn more about how cosmetic pesticides affect our health.  For more information, please contact Diana at 250-362-5810. We hope to see you there!


 Diana Daghofer                                              Suzanne Belanger
1975 Kirkup Avenue                                      2807 Pinewood
Rossland, BC                                                  Rossland, BC
250-362-5810.                                                 250-362-742

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