Bears Beg to Be Kept Wild! – a message from Ursus

Rossland Bear Aware
By Rossland Bear Aware
September 22nd, 2010

Fall means getting ready for winter. Knowing how many calories it will take to keep warm while we sleep through the snow, we are TOTALLY focussed on EATING. So if you are recreating in the woods and on the trails or chasing little white balls around the grass, PLEASE be aware that we like to eat alone and may not welcome your arrival. Give us lots of space and keep dogs close or on a leash so we don’t chase them back to you.
At home, keep garbage secured so we aren’t tempted by the smells to eat waste that will give us a belly ache and make us grumpy. Pick fruit trees and share the crop.
You can BE THE CHANGE that keeps us bears wild.
Contact Bear Aware for help with fruit picking and tips on garbage reduction.
Sharon Wieder

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