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Andrew Zwicker
By Andrew Zwicker
April 22nd, 2010

One of the sure signs that spring has arrived for good in Rossland is the sight of residents shoveling inches of gravel off their front lawns, raking up last year’s leaves, picking up the dogs’ winter contributions to the landscaping and other general spring cleanup. From the new homeowners eagerly getting to the handy man jobs that haven’t become chores yet, through to the seasoned veterans who have the yard set up in minutes on the first warm day, we’ve all got our own styles.

While Rosslanders in general seem to take great pride in cleaning up their own yards, this year might be a time to refocus some of our energies back into the public spaces between our private pieces of the earth.

This morning, walking down Washington Street, I was reminded of an article I wrote last year at about this time, “Trashington Street”, and wondered if it was time to re-post it. Subway cups, small milk cartons, much trash of the indescribable nature still line Washington Street from the high school to Columbia. Just as I was dwelling in the trashy nature of my walk to work, a coworker came in with a half full plastic bag of garbage. Proud that he walked all the way to work and only picked up a half bag of garbage, he was pleased with both his efforts and the lack of a need for more.

Just one sign that Rosslanders across the city are doing their part to clean up the city right now as we sit in the heart of pitch in week.

Last week, two crews went out on poop patrol, cleaning up the Rail Grade and Centennial Trail; Monashee Medical Clinic got in on the action and donated rubber gloves.

This week the Sparks will be out, pledging to “bag as much litter as [we] can carry,” on April 20th. City councillor and Maclean Elementary teacher Jill Spearn will be mobilizing the older kids who will be going out and picking up litter in the neighborhood around their school.

The Pitch–In Canada program also encourages all of us to take a “20 minute makeover,” to clean up around our homes, our block or our business.

To relax after your trash picking and street cleaning-capades you’ll have the opportunity to relax in the Senior’s Hall and watch a movie about living with less waste. The film, “Be the Change,” is s documentary about several families that have had fun while learning to achieve a more sustainable lifestyle.

Pitch-In Canada runs from April 20th to May 3rd. If you want to help but already have a spic-and-span neighborhood, contact Kathy Moore, who is organizing the local Pitch-in Week efforts, at km[at]2cats.net.

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